IRIX 15mm Video Shoot with JVC GY-LS300

We have demonstrated and tested IRIX 15mm lenses to quite a number of photographic dealers and photographers in the UK. An area we have yet to report is their findings when using IRIX lenses for video capture.

There are two lens versions available Blackstone and Firefly. The Blackstone has 4 lens seals and magnesium alloy construction whereas the Firefly has 3 seals, polycarbonate construction and rubber focus grip. Lens quality is the same.

There are an abundance of DSLR’s now capable of shooting high quality 4K video and having a lens that will reproduce good quality video footage is a great advantage. Added to this if the lens is capable of resolving high quality images. The IRIX 15mm lens is a full frame lens and can be used with APS-C sensor cameras.

We sent a Blackstone in Nikon fit to Philip Johnston of HDWarrior to runs it through its paces and to show just how good this lens is. In the video the lens is adapted to the JVC GY-LS300 which has a Super 35 sensor, so a small amount of crop occurs.

Note; the Blackstone alloy casing has a grooved grip which is suitable to add a video follow focus.

Finally, we come to the price. While current lenses in the market command premium prices, IRIX Firefly £399.00 and the Blackstone version is £575.00 Both prices are inclusive of VAT, lens cap, 2 rear caps and removable lens shade and case.

Quality Comparison

Check out this lens test and see how the IRIX Blackstone compares to the Zeiss 15mm Distagon and Nikon 14-24mm lens. You will be surprised, READ THIS ARTICLE!

15mm Specifications

Image Size: 35mm Full Frame (24mm x 36mm)

Focal Length: 15mm

Field of View: 110deg (diagonal)

Focusing range: 0.28m (0.92ft) - ∞

Focus Type: Manual with lock function

Aperture range: f/2.4 - f/22

Aperture control: via camera

Aperture shape: 9 rounded blades

Lens construction: 15 elements in 11 groups (3x HR, 2x ASP, 2x ED)

Front Filter thread: 95mm

Rear gelatin filter slot: 30 x 30mm

Weight; Firefly: Canon 608g (1.34lbs) Nikon 581g (1.28lbs) Blackstone: Canon 685g (1.51lbs) Nikon 653g (1.44lbs)

Size; Firefly & Blackstone: (DxH) 114mm x 100mm 4.49" x 3.94"