Genesis Base tripods and kits from the Carbon series ensures low weight, high durability against wear and tear, long service life, large load capacity, all complete in a modern design. The legs are made of 100% carbon fibre. Tightened flanges connecting given leg sections prevent dampness, pollution, dust and sand from getting into the device. Length of the legs are adjusted by 3 rings. Metal feet spikes increase stability on boggy, subsiding grounds, while rubber caps ensure tight grip on slippery surfaces.

The central column is adjusted with a ring. Additionally, it features a spring hook to hang a stabilising load. One leg of the C5 tripod transforms into a full-fledged practical monopod. The C5 kit comes with the B-40 Ball Head. All Genesis ball heads feature the Arca-Swiss mount and a 3/8” tripod base thread. The camera thread is 1/4” thread.  All kits and tripods are supplied with a sturdy Genesis-style case and strap.

Base line tripods come complete with a 6 year warranty ensuring you with piece of mind when using your tripod.


In March I visited The Photography Show armed with a list of kit to buy. One of the items was a tripod for my son. He’s 6ft 4” so I needed something fairly tall but lightweight and as I expected to pay around £400.00 there would be plenty to choose from.

Last year I bought a Manfrotto 4 section carbon fibre tripod for £349.00 plus a video head for an extra £99.00. Having always used heavy duty aluminium tripods in the studio, this was in fact my first carbon fibre purchase as I had several kit locations test/shoots to complete, so weight was a concern.

Genesis tripods are new to me but I was pretty impressed with the range on offer and after checking out several brands around TPS the C5 looked like the front runner. The height was great, it was stable, lightweight and one of the legs converts to a Monopod…hmmm I wonder how much this baby will cost? only £209.00!

“Okay, I need a ball head with the legs, how much extra is the head?” to my amazement it comes complete with the BH-40 ball head, a case and strap. Believe me I was surprised as most other makes you don’t get a case/strap and the price is much higher.

The Manfrotto tripod I have is shorter, there is no Monopod, no Spikes and I can’t reverse the column upside down. Plus an equivalent Manfrotto Arca Swiss QR ball head is an extra £159.00. The total cost is £508.00, whereas the Genesis C5 with BH-40 is £209.00, you could buy 2 tripods and still have £90.00 change.

It’s not just the price but also the feature set and it ticked everything on my list. When I got back to the hotel I showed the tripod to my son via FaceTime and he was really pleased. I’m not as pleased, as I didn’t even get a case or strap with mine. That night I thought “Would he notice if I swapped them over?”

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C5 Tripod Specifications and Features

Compact; 51.9cm folded

Weight; 2.14Kg

Spikes and Rubberised feet

4 Section Carbon Fibre Legs

Twist locking mechanism prevents damp, dust and particles

Built-in Monopod with insulated grip

Quick release locking legs; for fast and easy setup

Low level; 72cm with column 

Ground level; 39cm with BH-40 Ball head

Maximum height; 204cm with BH-40 Ball head

Retractable Ballast Hook; add a sandbag or equipment bag for leg stabilisation at maximum height

Leg angle adjustment; with positive click lock and tension adjustment

6 Year warranty; on all BASE line tripods

BH-40 Ball Head Specifications and Features

Magnesium alloy construction

40mm diameter ball

Quick release Area Swiss compatible

1/4inch thumbscrew

Panoramic Base with scale

Variable friction

30Kg load capacity 

2 Spirit Levels; horizontal/vertical and centre