This year IRIX introduced a new wide angle lens system for the photographic market. To begin with there are two versions of a high quality 15mm lens and more focal lengths will follow soon. IRIX lenses are manufactured in South Korea and designed in Switzerland by an experienced team consisting of professional photographers, mechanical and optical engineers.


Dedicated for DSLR cameras, IRIX lenses are a combination of smart technology and handy design. They include several ingenious functions such as: a focus lock system, infinity click on the hyperfocal scale, focus calibration, front and rear filter options and extreme weather sealings. Having that in mind, IRIX lenses are a perfect tool for landscape and architecture photography, nightscape photography, photojournalism and for sports photographers. IRIX has released its first lens IRIX 15mm f/2.4 in two versions – Blackstone (Premium version) and Firefly (Standard version) For more information about these lenses, take a look at Irix website:

Due to the quality of IRIX lenses, the company have already grabbed people’s attention and they are now busy developing a worldwide sales network. IRIX is actively looking to expand its reach by finding dealers in the United Kingdom. The brand is expected to increase its volumes over the next year following the launch of its new products.

For further information and to discuss the dealer & retailer opportunities for the UK please contact me : Charles Woods, Mobile. 07863 116150,